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A landmark location.


Energy and opportunity nestled along the banks of the Potomac River, Crystal City is a growing innovation and social hub in Arlington, VA. Anchored by Crystal Drive, the city’s main street is brimming with activity. Bicyclists, creatives, runners, families, and professionals gather on sidewalk cafes, wander in and out of curated shops, and relax in the open-air plazas. This eclectic network of happenings attracts top businesses with a diverse workforce. From the classically charming Crystal City Shops to innovative startups and tech hubs, Crystal City sits at the seamless intersection of yesterday and tomorrow.


In 2009, our developers transformed a vacant, obsolete office building to a towering symbol of the future anchored in the heart of Crystal Drive.That dream has since become reality, and today, 220 Twentieth Street’s 265 award-winning units are known for blending elements of nature with modern technologies and eco-friendly design. This unparalleled apartment community is designed to benefit both residents and the environment, all while achieving a breathtaking level of sophistication.

JBG Smith

Make Yourself at Home

JBG SMITH’s luxury residential buildings have the same qualities that attract the world’s leading companies to our office and retail spaces: outstanding locations, properties of quality and distinction, and a commitment to service excellence.

JBG SMITH owns over 3,300 rental apartments in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. They are located in the most vibrant and sought-after urban neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.; Crystal City; Pentagon City; and Rosslyn. All apartment residences are close to Metro stations, attractions, business centers and amenities. Each residential property features some of the most spectacular views and quality living in the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.